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We are a preferred name among clients when it comes to Zoological Models. We provide a wide range of high quality Zoology Models Manufacturer that is widely used in educational institutions. We are counted amidst the most preferred 3D Zoological Models Exporters from Ambala Cantt. Our Educational Zoology Models are fabricated from high-grade quality raw material and under the expert’s guidance. Utilization of advanced and modern technology machines in its processing these Zoology Models display high performance and efficiency. In addition to this, we make them available at reasonable rates that too in committed timeframe. We are a reliable name among Educational Zoology Models Exporters in Haryana.

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Animal Cell (PZ-1)
Animal Cell (PZ-1) Enlarged 20000 times. The model shows the recently discovered principle of the delicate structure of an animal cell. In addition to the organellae like nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosomes respectively polysomes and Golgi apparatus. The model also shows centrioles, lysosomes and fat vacuoles. The presentation of the process of extrusion of a Golgi vesicle and pinocytic sings shown by the cell dynamics. For teaching purposes the components of the cell are very brightly coloured to bring out the high degree of segmentation of a cell. In one piece, on a stand with base. . Numbered with English key card.

Bird Dissection - Pigeon (PZ-13)
Bird Dissection - Pigeon (PZ-13) Natural size, dissection showing all the internal organs of a pigeon. Mounted on base. Numbered with English key card.

Fish Dissection (Carp PZ-15)
Fish  Dissection (Carp PZ-15) The model showing a longitudinal section a typical bony fish, in natural size. Skeletal structure, brain, digestive tract, swinn bladder, reproductive organs and many other anatomical details are clearly exposed; the other side shows exterior form. Made of unbreakable material, it is mounted upright on a base.

Bird Dissection (Domestic Hen PZ-21)
Bird Dissection (Domestic Hen PZ-21) Natural size. The right side shows the feathers and all external characters on other side shows all the important systems like nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, excretory , skeletal & reproductive organs. Mounted on base. Numbered with English key card.

Earthworm Dissection (Pheretima Posthuma PZ-27)
Earthworm Dissection (Pheretima Posthuma PZ-27) Model showing the external character in a portion and the dissection in the remaining exhibiting all important systems like nervous, digestive, circulatory,reproductive organs . Mounted on base. Numbered with English key card.

Hydra (PZ-29)
Hydra (PZ-29) This first rate model provide exceptional details of a hydra while remaining attractively priced. Colourfully illustrated are the external and internal structure : foot, ovary, bud, gastrovascular cavity, testis, mouth, hypostome, tentalie, nematocysts, epidermis, mesoglea, gastrodermis, flagellated cell. Mounted on stand. Numbered with English key card.

Rat Dissection (Female PZ-48)
Rat Dissection (Female PZ-48) An enlarged beautifully coloured model of rat dissection(female) showing head, mouth, lip, external nostrils, vibrissae, external ear, right forelimb, left forelimb , hind limbs, tail & all external parts are clearly shown and in dissection all respiratory, digestive, circulatory, urinogential organs are clearly numbered . Mounted on base . Numbered with English key card.

Frog Dissection PZ-34
Frog Dissection PZ-34 A beautiful three dimensional model of frog showing all external characters on the dorsal side and internal anatomy on the ventral side, depicting circulatory, digestive, excretory & reproductive organs . Mounted on stand. Numbered with English key card.